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6–7 figure businesses are built on one thing — consistency.

Emi Kirschner, coach, and host of The Tribe of Leaders Podcast, guides her clients to become the best version of themselves by establishing consistent practices and clear goals, and developing the teams that get them to where they want to be.

It sounds simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!

“Consistency is the #1 thing I see people get tripped up on. They get busy in the day to day, and then they don’t track their numbers, or they don’t make calls, or they don’t do whatever — and they’re not being supported in those areas as well. So, it becomes the up and down roller coaster, or feast and famine that keeps entrepreneurs overwhelmed, exhausted, and really doing more than they have to do.”

Sound familiar?

Emi’s got some great advice for business owners who are trapped in the cycle of trying to do it all — start thinking like a CEO instead of an employee or a solopreneur.

“You cannot get to a million dollars in revenue and beyond on your own. You’ve got to have support, so start thinking about what that looks like.”

Emi believes that as a business owner, your true role in your business is to build the team that helps you meet your goals. It does cost money to hire a great team, but when you can offload some of the daily responsibility and focus on creating the consistency that takes you to the next level, it’s money well spent!

“If you’re paying somebody less that what YOUR value is, it’s one of the best investments you can make.”

To get more of Emi Kirschner’s best advice on creating the consistency that takes your business to the top, check out this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo.

Then, visit to learn more about Emi’s Rev Up Your Revenue audit that takes a close look at your sales process to determine where you might be leaving money on the table!



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