Sophie Zollmann
2 min readApr 28, 2023


If you’re going to be a leader you’ve got to be creative, bold, and absolutely FEARLESS!

Because here’s the thing, as you build and grow your business, you’re going to have to take some risks and try some new things, and you’re not going to nail it every single time. And that’s okay- as long as you’ve got the drive and the moxie to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going until you reach your ultimate goals for your business and your life.

That can be a daunting prospect, but don’t let it scare you away! Here are 3 important things fearless leaders need to remember:

1. Trust Yourself

You are building YOUR business, and that means you get to do YOUR way. That doesn’t mean you’ll never make a mistake, but who cares? Some of my best ideas have grown from ideas that were initially flops! So, trust yourself, trust your gut, trust your intuition, trust your path. When you make mistakes, learn from them and keep going. You’ve got this!

2. Be Fearless

If you’re constantly afraid to try new, untested things, you’re not going to get very far. Be bold and take a chance on that new process, strategy, or tech. Welcome new ideas from your team and don’t hesitate to just go for it! Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, and you’ll have to tweak it or try again- but you won’t know if you don’t at least try. Remember, what got you here won’t get you there. You need fresh ideas and new strategies to reach that next level of success.

3. Pick the Right People

If you’re going to lead fearlessly, you need some amazing people backing you up! Obviously, you want a strong team because they’re the ones that are going to help you reach your goals for your business, but don’t stop there! Pack your support system with people that build you up and see you through anything. That can include coaches, mentors, colleagues, friends, and family. Anybody that believes in you, believes in what you’re doing, and will be your cheerleader throughout is someone you want on your side.

You are fearless, and you are absolutely ready to step into your leadership, and I’m here to help! First, I want you to check out this episode of Building Your Empire with SophieZo to learn more about what it takes lead boldly.

Once you’ve had a chance to listen, head over to to learn more about the plug-and-play team that can take you to the top, and then let’s chat about what’s right for you and what we can do to get you into your fearless leadership role, grow your business, and live your best life!



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