Rebranding your business is a major project!

When you update your branding, you’ve got to update EVERYTHING — nothing can slip through the cracks. And when you actually consider all of your assets, you’ll realize that’s an awfully big job!

You need to start by identifying EVERY SINGLE PLACE that your branding appears. Here’s a pretty good checklist to get you started:

· Logo

· Email address and signature

· Business cards and letterhead

· Internal documents like handbooks or onboarding packets

· Sales materials, financial reports, invoices

· Signage, packaging, trademarks

· Domain names, tags, redirects, site titles

· SEO keywords and hashtags

· Style guides and media kits

· Newsletter and email templates

· Lead magnets, eBooks, white pages and other promotional materials

· Social media handles, profile pictures, cover pictures, bios

When you undergo a full rebrand, it’s important to include EVERYTHING in your brand asset library. If you don’t update all of your materials to reflect your new branding, you’ll cause confusion among your clients and fall into the trap of inconsistent branding. Taking the time to comb through all of your branded assets ensures that your rebrand goes smoothly.

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